Can you quote me a price for a tattoo?

Yes, however we do not give quotes over the phone or by email. Please come into the studio to discuss your idea, and we can give you an estimate.

I have a design in mind, would one of your artists be able to draw something up for me?

Yes! We are a mostly custom tattoo studio. Most customers bring in their rough ideas, which we can then customise for you.

I would like to get a cover-up over an existing tattoo, how do I go about this?

Please come into the studio. We’d need to see the existing tattoo in person. We can then advise you from there. Please also think about what you would ideally like to cover it with.

Can I bring a friend with me when I get tattooed?

Yes, but they cannot come into the tattooing area. They will have to wait for you at reception.

Do you do piercing?

We do not currently do any piercing in the studio.

Can I get a 'white ink' tattoo at your studio?

White ink does not last nor show up on the skin as well as other pigments. We therefore will not do ‘white ink only’ tattoos.

I am 16 and I want to get a tattoo with parental consent. Will you tattoo me?

Absolutely not. It is illegal to tattoo anyone under 18. There’s no ‘parental consent’ clause and we will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

How long is your waiting list?

This varies and will depend on who is doing the tattoo and the size of the piece. Some small tattoos can be done within a week, other will require several weeks waiting time.